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Matt May is a Web accessibility specialist, and has written on the interaction of people and technology since 1995. He keeps his own weblog at, and produces a podcast called Staccato, which features Creative Commons-licensed music.

Alex Williamsblogs, consults and produces unconference style events, where people immerse in DIY media. These are fun occasions, designed for people who want to get together with authors, artists, technologists and leading thinkers to converse, eat, listen to music, write, shoot photos and post podcasts and videoblogs. Alex also works with companies to establish DIY approaches, where writing, photography, voice and video come together to create new conversations and communities. Alex is currently fascinated with digital photography. His girlfriend calls him a Flickrholic. Send Alex a nice message: alexhwilliams at

Nicole Simon loves blogging and podcasting, dashed with an European view. As consultant she helps to facilitate such tools for business purposes or personal publishing empires. She can be found at cruel to be kind and on her private blog Useful Sounds.

Roland Tanglao is a well known podcasting enthusiast and a passionate advocate of blogs, RSS, and social software as a means of online expression for people, organizations and businesses. He is a prominent participant in the blogosphere and online communities and one of the founders of Bryght and as Bryght's Chief Blogging Officer reads hundreds of blogs daily. He graduated from the University of Waterloo, worked at Nortel Networks where he ran its first internal corporate blog, has has been blogging since 1999, and was the first business blogging consultant in Canada.

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August 1, 2006

Podcast Award Nominations Shows Lack of Understanding

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Posted by Alex Williams

The Podcast Awards are coming up again. But apparently the entries are lacking a few basics, reflecting the poor understanding about RSS, show notes, and the various elements that go with a podcast.

Insomnia Radio recaps Todd Cochrane's lament in culling through the nominations for this year's Podcast Awards. What they found:

* 78% of the submissions had invalid feeds, according to
* Of the remaining feeds, 96% had glaring errors.
* 42% did not have an RSS feed button on their home page. (gulp)
* 26% did not have a link to the file in their show notes.
* 21% had less than 2 lines of show notes.
* Some feeds were huge, as big as 500K and 367 entries.
* Only 49% of the submissions provide a way to contact the podcaster.
* 200 of the submissions that called themselves podcasts had no podcast feeds.

People understand the recording part. They get the idea behind making a show. They could be better web marketers.

More so, the findings reflect that RSS is still foreign to most people. It is still the magic part of the mix.

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July 17, 2006

Odeo Moving Beyond Podcasts With Twttr

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Posted by Alex Williams

Odeo has lauched twttr, a texting service. Why? Leads to questions over at TechCrunch. How about the core product? Will it become something besides a simple recorder? They recently showed how they are making it easier to create personal lists, using OPML. They now have a video recorder, too. Seems like there is something in line between opening up an Odeo inbox for all to hear and a texting strategy where you are opeining up your text messages for all to read.

Wiith twttr, we have people leaving text messages for anyone to see at a public web site. Cool. People will love it. Show your photos, share your inner feelings in a podcast or blog and now open up your personal messaging from your phone. People like to see and be seen.

These dudes must have some pretty mellow investors. It's either that or they are seeing that podcast publishing and directory tools just don't get returns and it's better for investors to ok focus elsewhere, on the mobile specifically, where text messaging rules the day.

And there is a fiit between texting and podcasting, especially as the mobile becomes the dominant tool for publishing audio. How the two cross is the question. What's the fit between Odeo and twttr?

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July 1, 2006

The Talent Search Has Begun

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Posted by Alex Williams

Sources close to Podshow say that the company will launch its new service next week that from all reports, looks like a media network for creatng and sharing shows. It's clear that they are looking for talent to fill the service they call Podshow+, according to the web site. The black and white video on the Podshow web site asks: "Are you popular?" That's a prett clear sign of their intentions. They want to attract popular shows, following the premise that if these shows can attract millions of people to their netwok then the laws of the long tail will attract Madison Avenue advertisers to their media properties. The news about Podshow is pretty well known to most folks in the business. But it's worth noting if not to underscore the talent search underway as demand for original work increases and networks race to sign new advertisers wanting to reach the communities who are downloading millions of shows.

Other talent searches are getting started. Todd Cochrane launched Blubrry here at Gnomedex yesterday. It's an open community service, too, a space for creating your own shows and connecting with listeners. Leveraging the pool of shows on the network, Cochrane says they will place advertising with the podcaster getting right of refusal, giving show producers some control about the advertising on their show. Podshow's service is looking to leverage this community, too.

Doug Kaye also launched a new media company yesterday but his service, Gigavox Media, is related more to the business approach from Podtech, which recently hired Robert Scoble. Podtech is building a network of produced shows that they receive from partners and the work they produce themselves.

I interviewed Doug last night for the Chris Pirillo show. Gigavox Media is directly associated with the Conversation Network, the non-profit he started. Gigavox will provide a technology license to the Conversaton Network, which will continue to develop material on topics related to matters such as government and the environment. Gigavox will iinclude Doug's IT Conversations, one of the original podcast networks. Gigavox principles will remain the same as those established by IT Conversations, with high attention being paid to the quality of the programming, both in terms of the topics it addresses and the excellence of the audio recordings. He is looking for talent. Doug, btw, helped me get my start in podcasting at Gnomedex 4.0, in South Lake Tahoe, when we teamed to record and podcast the keynotes and discussions from the event. It's good to see him here at Gnomedex.

These are just a few of the examples that demonstrate how a major talent search is starting for people producing audio and video. The answers why are in the numbers. In two separate conversatons yesterday, i spoke with podcasting industry people who say they have each been on a tear in signing new advertisers. These are advertisers looking for shows that reach the increasing numbers of people who are looking for indie produced works. They're searching the social networks for news, entertainment and as a way to share their work and meet people who they connect with on a personal level. Those viewers are valuable for advertisers. And the money they are investing shows the considerable monetary value that these shows command.

The demand for shows will only increase over the next year as more advertisers seek to reach these larger audiences. And that's the race the new media companies are facing. It's a race to find the next star.

The talent search has begun.

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June 27, 2006

Constraint Based DIY Media

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Posted by Alex Williams

I love the stories about DIY gear for podcasts.

I ran across this description of a podcaster's wind screen in a post by Jake Ludington :

I'm a big fan of DIY gear for shooting video or recording audio when your budget is holding back your ability to produce an otherwise great creative endeavor. You can save a ton of money in many cases and you get the satisfaction of creating something useful along the way. Case in point, the DIY microphone zeppelin windscreen from Joel Greenberg of Joel and Karen. Zeppelins are those fuzzy things you see covering microphones on long boom arms and help to greatly reduce wind noise when recording with a shotgun style microphone. Using some PVC, leaf guard, fur from the fabric store, and a hot glue gun, Joel built a very functional zeppelin to help cut down on wind noise when recording audio in windy outdoor environments in Texas. He details all the steps and provides a before and after audio recording sample to demonstrate the sound difference. As a bonus he also shows how to build a microphone shock mount using PVC too.

I met someone in San Francisco last week who I urged to make a show, based on the use of a high definition camera mounted to his battery powered helicopter. He has constraints. He can't afford to trash a high def camera nor a battery powerted helicopter. He has to define his shots, plan them and make sure the helicopter is not in the air for more than a few minutes. What results are pictures that are unique to his own perspective. The art is constraint based.

What's distinctive about these examples is how the constraints make the productions more creative. That seems to be the key aspect of why DIY media is becoming so popular. Shows become popular because they have a unique style or perspective which in some part is defined by the constraints of the people producing the show.

I'll be looking for more examples of DIY gear for podcasts over the coming months and how the constraints of the producer serves as the basis for their creative works. Know of a good example?

In the meantime, here's MAKE magazine's DIY Podcast Shower Radio.

Goes to show that DIY is not just for the developer but the user, too. :-).

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June 12, 2006

Will Scoble Do For Podcasting What He Did For Blogging?

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Posted by Alex Williams

Time to get this blog back in gear. And what a better time to do it than with the landmark announcement over the weekend that
Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft
to work for Podtech Update: Maryam is joining Podtech, too. She'll be announcing it soon. Congrats to the both of them.

Robert changed the blogosphere. His engaging style, insights and jovial personality combined as a potent force that he used artfully.. He's a master of the medium. He does great work.

Will Robert have the same effect on podcasting?

Podcasting is a world of its own. Personalities abound but no one, I think you could argue, has transcended the podcasting medium the way Robert has done in the blogosphere. Adam Curry, Chris Pirillo and folks like Eric Rice are immensely popular. Doug Kaye is a legend. Correct me please if you disagree but I do not know of any podcasters who has had as much of an influence as Robert has with his blog.

Will lightning strike twice?

Robert did have the good fortune of blogging from Redmond. He worked there at a time when the company needed to display itself in a way that would counter its image as an evil empire of sorts. He opened up the company in a way that will serve as a historical example of how blogging has affected corporate culture. Channel 9 did what it was supposed to do. With his rough cut video intervews, Robert and the team he worked with showed that people besides Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie actually work at the company.

The timing was just right for a personality like Robert to be a Microsoft blogger and engage with folks. He's a jolly guy, able to counter flames from angry commenters. He'd get fried sometimes. But he was always quick to get back in and engage. He did it in a way that wasn't over the top. And that counts for a lot. It's easier to be a lightning rod when people like you.

We know little about what Robert's role will be at Podtech. But his impact will be far different. My guess is he will continue to be an evangelist in some way, back on the conference circuit, interviewingh people and bringing the message to the corporate world about the offerings that grass roots media and Podtech provides.

Will he have the same effect on podcasting that he had on blogging? Is podcasting so different that the two are mutually exclusive in how they impact our lives? Will there ever be a Scoble like personality in the podcasting world? Podtech doesn't seem like the place where Robert will act as a lightning rod. But maybe he'll do a daily show? Rile it up? I'd love to see that.

I just expect that we will continue to see Robert do great work. And that in itself ill make an impact on podcasting that will change the medium for all of us.

Good luck, Robert and Maryam. We'll all be watching with interest.

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April 9, 2006

Forrester study: If 25% are interested I would hurry

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Posted by Nicole Simon

A very controversy topic this week was the publication of a new Link TextForrester research study about the use (or not use) of Podcasting. But the comments left in the Net suggest that many have a different point of view.

Forrester projects that just 700,000 households in the US in 2006 will use podcasting, and that it will grow to 12.3 million households in the US by 2010. (See Forrester's "The Future Of Digital Audio" report). Just to give you some context, we expect MP3 adoption to be almost 11 million households in the US this year, and grow to 34.5 million households by 2010. So that means in four years, about a third of those MP3 owners will be listening to podcasts on those devices. Podcasting will get easier and the content will get better, but it will all take time.
The study (and the thereof following comments and trackbacks) is interesting in two points: It shows how suddenly a well know company can get visible flack about their study but also I was curious to see the limitation of the study to the US market.

Given, most of the interest for this study might come from North American companies, but it is one of the interesting and fascinating parts about podcasting that is is not just that one market but a world wide phenomena.

I also doubt the number of exposure to podcasting - every sold iPod out there is wired to iTunes and this does expose the content of podcasting to every iPod user.

As the study says:

One-quarter of online consumers express interest in podcasts, with most interested in time-shifting existing radio and Internet radio channels.
25% of (again I assume US market) users have expressed an interest in the time shifted aspect. And are getting used to XX on demand, without the boundaries of what today's media brings with them.

My caution is that companies shouldn’t be dashing out to create expensive original content for a small audience – unless they gain value from being seen as innovative.
Yesterday it was only Tivo, and that is mostly offline business. Today, 25% express interest, only 18 months after podcasting started and video casting has not really taken off.

If the whole way changes the way my customers deal with me at all, my advise would be to start *very* soon with going where there are going. Because all it takes for those 25% interested persons to go into regular listeners of podcasts is to find a topic of interest to them.

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April 7, 2006

Is your tax professional podcasting?

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Posted by Matt May

This one is too good to pass up. Jack Bogdanski of Portland, Oregon has created The Complete Internal Revenue Code Podcast Project, in which he promises to voice America's entire Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as Amended. He explains that the project may take years, since there are several thousand sections to the code. (To give you some idea, the first section, which he posted, is 36 minutes long, and he does, in fact, recite every last recorded change in the code.)

I am so glad that this guy is joking -- as glad, that is, for him as for us.

Says Bogdanski on his blog: "yesterday, right in the middle of a scintillating lecture I was giving on the wonders of carryover basis, a brilliant idea struck. I'm surprised I didn't have this flash of genius sooner... I've got big plans for the site -- advertising, celebrity readers, on-location recordings, musical backdrops..." One must give credit where credit is due: this is the height of accounting-podcast humor. (Hat tip: TaxProf Blog, via my friend Kate D.)

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March 16, 2006

Podtech Raises $5.5 Million

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Posted by Alex Williams

John Furrier has raised $5.5 million for his PodTech network. That's a cool load of cash for a company that produces shows. Wait, I thought the startups making media were not in favor? I guess that isn't true anymore. Podshow raised many millions and has all kinds of original programming.

John will be hring podcasters. That's amazing. Will there be a podcast newsroom? I never thought I'd see the day. I am just ecstatic about the prospects of smart, collective journalism that explores issues and is made available as podcasts.

Congrats, John! :-). I'm watching with interest.

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March 9, 2006

Podcasting on CityTV Breakfast Television

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Posted by Roland Tanglao

Simi Sara and Dave Gerry - Breakfast Television

This morning at 7:50a.m. Pacific, I was on CityTV Vancouver'Breakfast Television for about 5 minutes. I spoke with Simi Sara, the host, on how easy it is to podcast and I demoed Odeo (which works through a web browser like Internet Explorer). All you need is a computer with a microphone, an internet connection and Odeo (free, unlimited 3 minute podcasts!), a story, something to say or a cool sound. What I didn't get a chance to say was: play around with Odeo and then when you get serious, move up to a non free commercial provider like Audioblog (my friend Eric Rice's podcasting and videoblogging service) or libsyn (just to name two).

Check out my other podcasts at Dogma Radio.

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March 6, 2006

Tower Records Gets Into Podcasting

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Posted by Alex Williams

Adam Curry and folks are talking about the unlabel. How does the news from Tower Record fit into this concept? Tower is calling their effort, TowerPod. They'll have more news about it at SXSW, where I'm heading later this week. Hope to learn more about it there. In the meantime, here's what we do know so far. Podcasters will get access to 6,000 songs, with revenue coming from embedded ads that will be placed in their shows. Music will come from indie artists. Profits get split between Tower, the musicians, indie labels and the podcast creators.

At the Podcast Hotel, the event I produced recently, an artist round table discussion lead to an animated discussion about artist compensation. Samantha Murphy argued that podcasters should compensate the musician for playing their music. Tim Mitchell of IODA said it is all about conversion and if so, podcasters should do very well as podcasting becomes a new distribution medium for indie music. Listen to the discussion here.

Details are sketchy at this point about TowerPod. How much will the artists receive? What does Tower get out of this? And how are the podcasters compensated?

Plus, how does this work? How is the ad embedded?

Outhink, a P2P service, looks to be the engine behind TowerPod, which makes me think that the podcasters will load their shows to the Tower service, where the ads will be embedded and then categorized according to music genre. I've heard a little about TowerPod from folks who are contributing to it but nothing as of yet about how artists will make a decent buck.

Good to see another player in the space. I just wonder how this will all shake out for the artist.

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February 15, 2006

February 14, 2006

Olympic coverage

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Posted by Matt May

If, like me, you can't get enough of the XX Olympic Winter Games. Podcasting News has gathered a list of Olympics-related podcasts, including feeds from the AP, New York Times, and the US Olympic Team itself.

The online video coverage from NBC isn't bad -- but it's not portable, either. All of the media available is streamed, and unavailable outside the United States. It may be 2012 or 2014 before we can subscribe to portable video of a given sport, given the licensing restrictions that are in place. There's no doubt that the video is there. After all, nearly every country has cameras in Torino right now. But the IOC bureaucracy isn't very likely to understand the potential of the Long Tail for niche events like curling, equestrian, and distance running. Or for the tournaments (baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, soccer) that are too much to cover well on one network. Which is too bad, really. Especially for people like me.

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February 10, 2006

Coca Cola Bloggers and Podcasters or PR Flacks?

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Posted by Alex Williams

Coca Cola is sending bloggers and podcasters to the Olympics. I wonder if these blogs will be worth reading. Why make such a point that these people will only have positive things to say? Do they not trust hese college students to just post their own impressions of the Olympics? Won't this just make these posts a bit too fuzzy?

From Mediapost:

Adding to its usual marketing efforts during the games, Coke is paying to fly and accommodate young representatives from China, Germany, Italy, Canada, Austria, and the United States--each of whom has agreed to keep their posts positive, according to Coca-Cola spokesman Philipp Bodzenta.

"They understand they we're looking for the positive side of the Olympics," said Bodzenta, adding: "They are part of the PR team, but they are not Coke employees."

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February 8, 2006

Guinness Record: Rick Garvais most downloaded podcast?

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Posted by Nicole Simon

The Guardian reports:

But now Ricky Gervais has a world record after his podcast became the most downloaded ever.

Gervais' weekly show on Guardian Unlimited, featuring writing partner Stephen Merchant and sidekick Karl Pilkington, averaged 261,670 downloads a week during its first month.


The podcast debuted on Guardian Unlimited in December 2005 and regularly tops the iTunes podcasting chart, beating the likes of Radio 1 breakfast host Chris Moyles.

While it is nice to see podcasting in the Guinness Book of World Records and Rick Gervais show surely being a success - how can something be the most downloaded one if there are no agreed upon statistics in this area?

Many people for example mistake hits for downloads on a podcast, an error many people make also with RSS Feeds. "My feed was accessed 24 times today!" can mean 24 actual subscribers or just a service checking every minute. With podcast, some software downloads chunks (generating several hits in the servers' log files) or access one and the same file over and over again.

The mentioning of iTunes in this article indicates to me that there is perhaps an interest of Apple to have their download numbers be the standard for such a world record - but they don't publish those and they are only per store basis, also not a reliable number. And, do we count numbers in average, numbers per episode?

But, if you are in doubt and you have a better download rate, you still have a chance to enter yourself in the Guinness Book:

The Ricky Gervais Show will be included in the 2007 edition of the Guinness World Records' book - as long as no other podcast tops it before it is published in the autumn.
I would assume Podshow and other high traffic podcasters will start making phone calls - both to the Guineas World Records' Book and to their webhosters.

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February 7, 2006

Apple's cheaper nano

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Posted by Matt May

Today, Apple announced a new 1GB iPod nano, priced at $149. The 512MB and 1GB iPod Shuffles drop to $69 and $99. Engraving is free on all of them at the Apple Store.

Showtime also joins the iTunes video lineup today, with first-season episodes of "Weeds", "Sleeper Cell" and "Fat Actress" available at $1.99 a pop. But be careful: having "Weeds" on your iPod may qualify as possession of drug paraphernalia in some states.

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January 30, 2006

Top of the pods - BBC publishes "podcast charts"

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Posted by Nicole Simon

When you hear the words "podcast charts" - would the second thought coming to your mind be "from the BBC"? No?

It should, because the BBC website published their numbers for on demand content for December and named the press release "Best of Moyles tops BBC podcast chart".

The experiment was started last year and the BBC plans to continue and study this new phenomena:

Simon Nelson, Controller of BBC Radio & Music Interactive, said: "It's fantastic to see how the demand for radio downloads has grown since we first offered them in 2004. These figures underline the enduring relevance of radio in the digital world."

Twenty programmes were made available in BBC Radio's download and podcast trial last May.

At the end of the 2005 it was announced that the trial would be extended into this year and would include more programmes, in order to gain a better understanding of listeners' preferences.

While for the moment the BBC programs are "just" redistributed as podcast, I am sure we will see the day when Radio itself will serve as "just second" distribution channel!

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January 28, 2006

Odeo allows you to integrate any content into your blog - encouraging copyright infringements?

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Posted by Nicole Simon

Allow your users to keep the content at a place they want: One lesson of the last year has been that users want to have their content / their pictures / their podcast not locked in. Websites and applications who understand this have done better than other who tried to lock in the users.

Widgets for your blog is one favorite example - you can use a Frappr map on your page or as of now also a flash player from Odeo on your site. But they go a step further and allow me to use anything I find on Odeo:

If you find something on Odeo that you’d like to share with others on your web site or blog, you can include a Flash player. Just click the HTML link on any audio page and copy the code. Then paste the code in your site or blog editor and publish like normal. The player will show up on that page.
Sounds fantastic, right? Well, not so much.

The fact that I am publishing my podcast also on the Odeo page in my channel is something I am restrictively using for distributing. It would also be okay if I would be able to easily access my own channel with such a player - but not anything I find on Odeo.

Redistributing content I don't have the licensing to is will get me into problems - and it leaves the question whether for example Odeo can be held responsible for encouraging copyright infringements?

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January 23, 2006

Routing Around The Censors In China

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Posted by Alex Williams

Business Week interviews the founder of Toodou, who discusses podcasting, censorship and the future of their indie media service.

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January 19, 2006

Change the URL of Your Podcast Feed in iTunes

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Posted by Alex Williams

Th Unofficial Apple Weblog shows how to change your podcast feed in iTunes. The TUAW post also has a handy document you may want to peruse. It's the technical specification document for podcasting and iTunes. As they write at TUAW, the docment is a wealth of information.

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January 18, 2006

January 17, 2006

Marketing Sherpa Study: Podcasting Is For Early Adopters

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Posted by Alex Williams

Podcasting is on the radar for marketing execs but their sites are set more than a year out for investing more dollars into the medium.

That's the conclusion of a Marketing Sherpa, ad:tech study which polled 644 marketers who spend 44% of their total ad and marketing budgets on the Web. The study looked at the 2005 best and worst practices in internet marketing and a look at the year ahead.

Eighteen percent of respondents said they will definitely spend money on an in-house podcasts with 31 percent stating that doing an in-house podcast is more than a year out.

Fourteen percent said they will sponsor a podcast in 2006, while 32 percent said sponsorship is definitely more than a year out.

These numbers make you wonder about the success of podcasters trying to make commercial plays. How will the the market shake out in the year ahead for the podcasting pioneers if revenues from advertisers are limited? And, who will get the dollars available? I expect that the mainstream media players will continue to be the big winners. They are already attracting major advertisers for their podcasts and can offer packages that include podcasting sponsorships as an added value.

What the numbers say:

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January 16, 2006

Now You Can See the Man With the Bionic Arm on Your iPod

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Posted by Alex Williams

Sky News, out of the UK, is offering video podcasts

Here's what they say you can see with your video iPod:

In this week's 7 Days programme: see the man with bionic arms... an animal version of Big Brother... the stuntman who goes up, up, and away... an Elvis celebration and a soapbox spectacular.

Here it is -- tabloid TV on your iPod!

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Are Podcasting Skills Dropping Off In Demand?

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Posted by Alex Williams

Saw this at MicroPersuasion. It shows the demand for podcasting skills among employers as tracked by Indeed.


Steve Rubel says at the MicroPersuasion blog:

Meanwhile, demand for podcasting skills grew to Nasdaq-like proportions last year, only to crash near the end. Will the market return?

Perhaps people are realizing that podcasting is not rocket science?

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Blogs, Podcasts and the Mobile Workforce

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Posted by Alex Williams

Podcastsing is taking a next natural step in its development by tying into enterprise applications, hand-in-hand with blogging, its close relative and partner.

Blogs are the first to make this jump as ties to enterpirse and CRM applications are made by setting permissions to a corporate blog with access privileges to specific categories. Within these captegories, podcasts are uploaded, linked from the blog.

I have a few corporate clients who, like most anyone, just want to know the best way to use a blog or a podcast. One of these clients has a sales force that is on the road three to four days a week. One thing I recommend people in companies such as these are audits to define where may be the best fit for a blog or podcast strategy. For this holding company of heavy industrial equipment makers, their sales force needs better access to information related to new products that have higher margins. As the sales force is on the road most of the time, blogs may be less beneficial than a daily podcast that they can listen to as they are driving and trying to prepare for their next stop on their sales journey.

Podcasts can be tied in with blogs that deliver custom information from enterprise applications. And this is where a smart phome, integrated with a feed reader that can download mp3s seems like a natural evolution in how podcastng emerges as not only a wonderful consumer application but also one that provides real advantage for a mobile workforce.

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January 14, 2006

Is It Possible For A Politician's Podcast To Be Authentic?

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Posted by Alex Williams

Australia'a Greens leader Bob Brown is podcasting from his mobile phone. He finds it easy to go directly to people simply by pulling over in his car, getting out his mobile phone, recording a comment about an issue and then posting it directly to the web. He now has five shows since he started the effort in early December.

Seems like politcians could podcast pretty easily and a lot more frequently if they used their mobile devices just to let us know what they are thinking about. I'd like to know who is the most prolific political podcaster. Who is really making use of podcasting to be more authentic and real? Are politicians capable of creating podcasts that are real and authentic? My bet is that the list of podcasts from politicians that fit this mold is pretty short. But if you know of a podcast from a politician that really seems authentic, please let me know. I'd like to hear what they have to say.

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January 12, 2006

January 11, 2006

GarageBand's podcast studio - love to review it!

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Posted by Roland Tanglao

If somebody can get me a review copy of iLife 06 (I refuse to buy it from the Apple Store and it won't be available in Vancouver for a few weeks it looks like (I called all 3 Apple dealers today and it's not yet available!), I would review GarageBand's podcast studio sooner rather than later. Review copy or not, I will review GarageBand when I get it!

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January 10, 2006

Speaking Tonight In Seattle With Matt May

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Posted by Alex Williams

Matt May and I are speaking about podcasting at Idea Day tonight in Seattle. The event is at ThinkSpot. Social hour begins at 7 p.m. Matt and I present at 8.

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Speaking Tonight In Seattle With Matt May

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Posted by Alex Williams

Matt May and I are speaking about podcasting at Idea Day tonight in Seattle. The event is at ThinkSpot. Social hour begins at 7 p.m. Matt and I present at 8.

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January 8, 2006

Podcasting For Buzz Or Is It Important For Innovaton In Consumer Electronics?

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Posted by Alex Williams

Is podcasing for consumer electronics companies a way to get buzz or is it a feature set important to innovation? I just ran across a Sony announcement on TechSmec about the Vaio Home Entertainment PC, designed to use the TV as display.

They state:

The Sony VAIO VGN-XL100 is supplied with Microsoft Windows XP Media Centre Edition for simplified access to media features as well as full PC functionality. In addition, it comes with VAIO Information Flow, a specially designed graphical interface for use at a distance from the screen. This makes interaction with the VGN-XL100 a very simple matter, and provides instant access to popular services including RSS feeds, a newsreader, podcasting, picture slideshows and the music player.

With video podcasting taking off, I'd expect we'll see similar announcements in the weeks ahead, especially with MacWorld on its way. What will be the impact on podcasting as more consumer electronics companies use podcasting to try and differentiate their products and services?

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January 7, 2006

Smoking a bit of the dope

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Posted by Nicole Simon

Darren Barefoot wrote a piece called "Why I’m Not Smoking the Podcasting Dope" back in March which attracted a lot of comments both agreeing and disagreeing.

"An Update on the Podcasting Dope" reflects those and changes in the last nine months in Podcasting / the common perception from his point of view.

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CES: What about podcasters?

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Posted by Nicole Simon

Watching all those reports from CES coming in through the several blogs I read I noticed a lot of new products which could be interesting for podcasters.

Could because most of the times those players are only described in what new features for playing and colors they have - not so much about the features for recording.

Maybe I am reading the wrong blogs - but if podcasters do not blog about new gear for podcasters, who else will? So please, point me to new gear with good recording features for the ever growing number of podcasters!

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January 6, 2006

Belated Podcast Predictions

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Posted by Alex Williams

My Top 19 predictions for 2006. Mark off a few points if you will for my belated attempts but I had to follow an incredibly thought out, accurate, data intensive methodology that took me weeks to process and an hour to write down. Here ya go:

1. New podcast networks will flower like tulips in the spring. Most will just make it through one bloom.

2. I'll go fishing on the Sandy River. Podcasts, especially in music, will be the hot ticket as more people realize that you can listen to a show any time, any where you wish. That includes on the river... which helps if you are fishing below an underpass.

3. Spring will come and the video blogger boom will rumble like thunder.

4. will fail as the network looks the other way, deciding not to embrace video blogging.

5. Hijack! Increased instances of feed jacking will shine more light on the practice of redirecting RSS feeds to third party hosts.

6. I'll move for something like the 25th time in the past five years. This time I'll write about it on a paper napkin.

7. Adam Curry will continue to listen to his father's advice and try not to pave the goat path. Eric Rice will move again in Second Life. He'll podcast from the reality world. Chris Pirillo will interview the one red paper clip guy who ends up trading his fleet of Scions for a 20,000 square foot mansion just outside of a well known war zone. Dave Winer will make another few $.

8. I'll be cursed by at least one person for my last prediction, furious yet again they were not invited to the party, mentioned in wikipedia or asked to play a character in a podcast.

9. I'll continue to thrash myself for paying up the big bucks but wireless at Starbucks will be crucial for me to keep connected. I'll continually seek out a penniless connection, hoping that by December, North America will become a free wifi utopia.

10. More people will discover OPML as they finally get that it can serve as a galaxy for millions of feeds. All you need is a magic bike to get there.

11. Web 2.0 will be known as aw2. That means alex williams squared. It's the square root of my life since discovering RSS almost three years ago, about the time lichen started growing on the web after the dot com boom's volcanic eruption in 2000. ;-)

12. Fee, fly, flow becomes a new expression. It comes from a hip hop song about RSS.

13. The FBI will discover a Cosa Nostra podcast and use it as evidence in a reality television show.

14. George Bush will lose his iPod and the NSA will try to stop the media from telling the story.

15. Conferences will continue to draw micro camps that will serve as sorts of satellite networks. A few smart producers will get it and network these camps for an extended event that balances the commercialness of traditional trade shows.

16. The podcast hardware business will grow and become a catalyst for fresh innovation in consumer electronics.

17. Better software tools for podcasting on mobile phones will help at least one company get a healthy round of venture funding.

18. Podcasts of World Cup Soccer games will garner some of the best audiences ever for a recorded sporting event.

19. I'll play indoor soccer at least once a week for Los Jugaderos. Focus is on the game. Someone else will have to do the play-by-play.

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January 5, 2006

Yahoo podcast directory now supports video

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Posted by Nicole Simon

Yahoo's podcast directory now also has vidcasts:

Yahoo! Podcasts now supports vidcasts as well as podcasts! Click to watch the video of your favorite shows – it’s as easy as listening directly from your web browser.
To many people, audio and video podcast are seperate things and the Yahoo site describes podcasts as just audio ("listen ... a podcast is an audio recording).

But it seems as if it is only a matter of time when services like this directory allow both kinds to co exist in their directory and let the user choose if he wants to search just for video or audio. Now that iTunes and Yahoo offer (web) based access to both types - will Odeo follow as well?

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